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Find Out How I Can Buy Or Lease Your House....
Save You From Paying Expensive Realtor Commissions.....
And Close In Less Than  ONE Week From Today!
I'm NOT A Realtor. I do not list houses for sale, I BUY or Lease them!. I have helped a lot of buyers and sellers get what they want and maybe I can help you!
Tyring to sell your house in these current economic conditions can at the very least, be a hassle. In today's real estate market there are several major problems that sellers must deal with whether they list their house with a Realtor or try to sell it themselves. Let's take a quick look at what they are.

1. Buyers Market: In today's market the buyers are in charge. The real estate market is flooded with homes. Buyers have the luxury of taking their time, looking at a ton of houses and making offers at bargain prices.

2. Qualifying for Loans: The banks have tightened up their qualifications for getting a loan to the point of near perfect credit scores and even proof of six months of payments in your bank account. You may get a buyer to sign the dotted line but getting them approved for a loan is another matter.

3. Time: In the good old days of the nineties houses flew off the self and settled in a heart beat. Today the days on market time has doubled along with the time to process loans if you can get them.

4. Equity: Unfortunately many homeowners looking to sell their homes find themselves in a situation where they have little, or negative equity due to market conditions. Realtors either can't work with these homes because of no money for commissions or some Realtors will list them at above market prices in order to squeeze commissions from them. The problem is that these over priced homes don't sell.

5. Become a Landlord: Many sellers finally resort to renting their home. Having been there, I know all the pitfalls that are out there for homeowners that become landlords.The only advise I can give a homeowner is "It's generally a real bad idea."

6. Sell it Yourself: Homeowners that have not sold a home before really don't understand all the hassles involved with selling your own home. The details, the time, the showings, the paper work, the no shows, the haggling and the expenses.

I can provide you with better and easier ways to get your home under contract that will eliminate the problems and frustration that is stemming from our current depressed real estate market.

Selling your house using traditional methods can be frustrating, expensive and detrimental when time is against you. If life has you in a situation that demands that you sell your house quickly, then I can provide you with solutions to do just that.

Here is how I can help...

First let me be sure to tell you that my services and evaluations are free. What I do is create solutions that enable you as a seller, to sell your house quickly without having to to deal with Realtors or selling privately.

There are so many reasons that people are forced to sell their houses and they do not have the time, patience, or focus to sell by owner or thur Realtors. This is why so many houses end up in foreclosure or being rented out and destroyed by tenants. So what I do is provide debt and stress relief by working with you the seller, to create an offer that works for us both.

The offers that I will present to you are designed to relieve you of debt and or responsibility of a house you don't need or want. I do this by paying you all cash, or by creating terms we all can agree on. It is no secret that I buy and sell houses for a profit, and it is important to note that the deal we stike must be win-win for all concerned.

I can provide you with a solution....

It is because you need to quickly resolve this problem of selling your house, and I am able to provide a solution, that we can come together and create a way that we can both benefit from the transaction. There are no strings attached. I will provide you with one or sometimes multiple offers, and you choose to accept one or not at all.

Here is a quick list of reasons why people are forced to sell quickly and/or need my services. In fact, you may fit into one of these situations:

  • Employment Transfer                                            Owe liens or judgments
  • Moving out of town or state                                  Looking to create seller finaning for income stream
  • Loss of Employment                                              Bad tenants
  • Failing Business                                                     Estate sale
  • Divorce                                                                    Out of state owner
  • Fire or Water damage                                            Military transfers
  • No Equity for Realtor                                             Realtor listing expired
  • commissions                                                          Heading into Foreclosure!
  • Behind on payments

These are just a few, but you get the idea. These situations can happen to anyone at anytime.​

Now, I don't have to buy them at a large discount all the time to make the deal work. It really all depends on your needs as to a seller or the condition, area and price of your house.

All of my intention are made absolutely clear to you before we agree to do anything. Most inportantly, you're never obligated or pressured to accept any of my offers.

Here' how it works.....

  • 1  You fill out the form below, or call me with the information that I need about your house and your asking price.
  • 2  I will look over the information you provide and determine what possibilities I have to create a solution that works for us both.
  • 3  I contact you and dicuss some possibilities, and if we can agree on some basics, we make arrangements to come see your house.
  • 4  I will do some market analysis to determine the best possible price and'or terms I can offer you.
  • 5  You then are able to make a decision based on what I have told you and we can proceed to closing, or not.

It's a very simple process, especially because I will make all of the arrangements and handle all of the paperwork. All you will need to do is decide if you like what I have to offer.​

So, now that you know what I can do for you, let's get started by providing me with the information about your house. Please submit the form below, or call to talk with me directly at 515-963-6940 or 515-370-4765.

I look forward to providing a solution that works for you!

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We Respect your Privacy and Will Not Share your Information With anyone for Any Reason, Period.