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Lease Option Advantages for

1.Usually top sales price for your property {no haggling}.
2.Large market of available buyers at all times.
3.Better quality tenants because these are really tenant/buyers. [They want to take good care of your property simply because at some time in the future, it’s going to become their property.]
4.Higher rent than usual for the market area.
5.All minor maintenance is delegated to the tenant/buyer. [Direct ownership leaves you without all of the management/maintenance “headaches.” Lease purchasing with option to buy eliminates 2:00 AM phone calls and late rent payments.
6.Seller remains on the deed- it’s still your property until the option is exercised.
7.Seller retains the tax shelter.
8.Seller continues to enjoy all of the tax advantages. [Check with your tax advisor on that.]
9.No lengthy vacancies [unprotected properties]. Puts a new occupant [tenant/buyer] into the property in days or weeks, rather than having to wait 45-60-90 days which is typical with conventional financing.
10.Lease purchasing [rent 2 own] puts pre-qualified, reliable tenant/buyers in now-vacant properties.
11. That means someone is living on site to watch your property [guard against vandalism, fire danger, etc.] That’s like having a security guard living in your house who pays you- rather than you having to pay them!
12. Stops the money hemorrhage of mortgage payments in the case of vacant properties or where a “tenant” may not be paying [it happens].
13. Saves the seller a lot of money [especially FOR SALE BY OWNERS] by not having to advertise the property until it finally sells.
14. No Fees to pay [especially application fees, 6% to 10 % Realtor commissions, closing cost etc.
15. As with No. 6 above, you never have the worry about collecting rents, fixing leaky faucets, changing evaporation cooler pads up on the hot roof, making sure the lawn is mowed, snow removal, et cetera.
16. Safer conventional rentals because of the quality of the tenant/buyers.
17. A competent accountant or tax attorney can file legitimate write-offs, deductions, exchanges and other mechanisms provided by law.
What would you think if you I could? 
Help move your property in a short period of time without a real estate commission.
Put good people in the home who will take care of it, as if it were their own.
Stop your financial hemorrhage [in the case of vacant property with mortgage payments].
Eliminate all of your management “headaches”.

Apple Property Solutions, llc 515-963-6940

208 S 15th Ave, Marshalltown, Iowa  Rent 2 Own
3 bedroom 2 bath 1000'SF Home
$900 Rent per month  web special $$$$$$$




2 bedroom apartment open now in Guthrie Center Iowa $425 month $425 deposit  no pets non smoking 
206 N 2nd St, Guthrie Center
210 S 15th Av
4 bedroom 1bath

$900 per month